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Dick & Jane, The Boxcar Children, Little Black Sambo, and More!!

Do you do appraisals?
We no longer do appraisals.  It simply became too time consuming.  Instead, we focus our time in providing quality customer service, and doing our worldwide searches for those rare and collectible items.  Thus, allowing us to provide you with those hard-to-find books and items that mean so much to you.

Do you buy books or other items?
Yes!  We will purchase certain books and items. If you are interested in selling your books or items, please call or email us.  When you offer your books for sale to us we will need the following information: book title, copyright date, (as well as the most recent date listed, if there is more than one date provided). Plus, the condition details about the book such as: binding issues, hinge (splits, cracks, or separations), water damage, musty odors, writing, stamps, page tears, missing pages, etc.  - As far as all other items, please provide the date and condition details. We especially love to buy:  The 1924, 1942, and the 1950 Boxcar Children books, - the vintage original Dick and Jane readers from the 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, and the 1960's, as well as vintage  word, picture, sentence, phrase, and reading flash cards.

Do you take requests for vintage books or other antique collectible items?

Yes!  We get several book requests, as well as requests for other rare and hard-to-find collectible items.  If we do not have the book or item that you are looking for in stock, you can request it and we will add your name to the request list.  Once we get the item in stock we will contact you in the order that you are on the request waiting list.

When I contact you to request a book or item, what should I provide you with?
Please be sure to provide us with as much detail as possible about the item that your requesting. Things such as: book title, copyright year, the condition you want it to be in, the price range your willing to pay based on the condition of the book or item. * If you do not know the title of the book your looking for... please try to recall and provide as many details as you can possibly think of. Sometimes the smallest details make all the difference of us finding the book, (or item) that you are seeking.

Can I copy any images, text, or any content from your website, in part or in whole?
No!  All of the: text, content, images, pictures, illustrations, logos, reviews, stories, charts, lists, plus the items listed for sale, are for informational purposes and they are ALL protected by copyright, and or trademark laws.  Copyright infringment is punishable by law, and will be enforced fully. All persons and/or companies (legal entities), are strictly prohibited to: use, copy, reproduce (either by: manual, manufacturing, or electronic transmissions, modifications, reproductions, or distribution), in any part or in whole, any of the above listed information from this website, without expressed written permission from us and/or the owner or publisher of any of the contents or images.

Why do some of the items have a special copyright listed by certain publishers?
We have attached special copyright notices on certain items in our informational pages or listing pages. Thus, giving full respect and acknowledgement to the publishing companies of whom own the copyrights and hold the trademarks of specific items, text, images, and brands.  Example one - The vintage original characters, Sally, Dick and Jane, Spot and Puff, (1930's through 1960's) are a registered trademark of, The Addison-Wesley, Pearson Educational Publishers.   Example two - The 1942 editions until present of,  "The Boxcar Children" are  a registered trademark of,  The Albert Whitman & Company Publishers.  We are not endorsed by, or affiliated with any of these companies.  We simply purchase, sell, and specialize in these collectible books and items. We also provide you with historical and factual information within the content of our listings and website in order to preserve the TRUE vintage original series, of both Dick and Jane, and The Boxcar Children. This information provides specific details for your reference.  It also allows you, the customer,  to determine the correct books or stories your looking for when searching for those favorite books from your childhood.

What forms of payment do you accept?
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We accept all forms of  Pay Pal, of which includes: credit cards (such as: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express)  as well as available funds and e-checks. We also accept money orders and personal checks.  Please note: personal checks and e-checks can both take approximately  5 to 10 days to clear.  Items will not be shipped until payment clears.

Is my personal information secure when placing an order?
Yes!  All orders placed are processed securely from start to finish. We believe in protecting your personal and financial information in the same way that we would want ours handled, with top security and care!  We take every possible measure to protect your information during the processing of orders, and  through any communication with you, (through emails, telephone, and Postal Mail). Your financial information is never sold or misused in any way!

You can also have peace of mind knowing that we do NOT sell, transfer, trade, or rent  your information to anyone or any company, and we do NOT spam you with unsolicited emails.  Any personal information that we have received from you is strictly used for the purpose in which is intended by you!  It is strictly used for whatever is necessary to complete our transaction and all that may go along with our transaction. Things such as communication, (via: emails, phone, etc.) shipping, processing your payment, etc.  Your information is never used for anything other than the stated business transaction that we conduct.  If you happen to receive any unsolicited emails with a domain of:, please contact us immediately, and do not reply to the email. As we will never send you unsolicited (junk or spam) emails.

We do keep your: name, street address, email address, and phone number on hand in a customer file here at Tiny Town Books and Toys. This information is only used for processing your orders, communicating with you, shipping your items, etc. in order to properly handle a successful business transaction, and for possible future orders.  Due to our large (and rapidly growing) client base of returning customers, and the fact that we like to treat you like family... keeping your name and information in our customer file allows us to serve you on a more personal level, as well as a professional level.

Although your personal information (privacy) is protected on our website... we provide links to other sites for you to enjoy (located in our "interesting links" section). We have no control over, and may not know their privacy polcies. Thus, we cannot be held responsible for the privacy, content, or practices of other websites.  We do try to be extremely selective of any links that we place on our website. However, it is at your own discretion, and risk, whether or not to visit those sites that we have linked through our website.

How much is shipping and what shipping options do I have to chose from?
During the check-out process you will have the option to select the shipping that best meets your needs both financially and time wise.  There are several options with various prices.  You can elect to choose one that has Postal Insurance and Delivery Confirmation, in order to protect your investment, of which will cost more than the option of NO insurance and NO confirmation.  Please note that Media Mail (also known as book rate), is one of the cheapest shipping options, however it is also one of the most risky and slowest. Media Mail can be opened and inspected by the USPS, thus putting your collectible items at risk.  Media Mail can also take anywhere from 7 to 21 business days to deliver.  I highly recommend a better shipping option, such as Priority Mail, if you are purchasing a rare and collectible book or item.  I also recommend purchasing the option that includes Postal Insurance if it is an item that you are spending a significant amount of money on...  or and item that is so scarce, it might be almost impossible to replace!  However, the option is always your choice.

What is your policy for International shipping and orders?
We do ship international, however, you need to email or call us for a shipping quote, if a shipping price is not listed in the check out process, for the item that you selected.   Important - All customs forms and information will be filled out honestly!!!  No exceptions!!!  There are No returns on any items shipped internationally.  Please note:  we have shipped items to several different countries, as well as received items from all over the world too, and we have never had any problems shipping or receiving internationally.  

When will you ship my order?
We ship all items within 24 to 48 hours after receiving a cleared payment!  Occasionally there may be a delay, if you and I have made pre-arrangements such as a payment plan, (see next question below for an explanation of this) a weekend, or a holiday, vacation, natural disasters, etc.  We do make shipments Monday through Friday, and some Saturdays.  We do try our very best to ship items within 24 hours or less of cleared payment, as that is one of our goals that we strive for with each order.  If you are in a serious rush to get your order, please be sure to select  Priority Mail as your shipping option,  plus email or call us so that we can do our best to get your package delivered to you as quickly as possible.

Do you offer any type of payment plans?
Yes!  We are more than willing to work with you in order to help you obtain the book or item that you want for your collection.  We offer weekly,  bi-weekly, and monthly payment plans.  The longest one we currently offer is three months. You must call us in order to set up your personal payment plan. Please note, if you cancel the payment plan or order, there is a 20% non-refundable fee charged from any and all payments that we have received during this payment plan period. In order to cancel a payment plan, you must send us a letter in writing with your: name, address, phone number, item(s) number of product, a request to cancel the order, and your signature.

Do you accept returns?  ~ If yes, what is your return policy?
We do accept returns on items that are shipped within the USA, however, we do not refund shipping costs, to or from. Therefore, any shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Items must be returned in the same condition that it was when we sent it to you.  You must package the item well-protected, just as we did when we shipped it to you.  You must contact us within 3 days or less of receiving the item, to notify us of any issues, and to make a request to return the item.  We must receive the item that you're returning within 12 days or less after you have received it. If the above steps for returns are not followed, we reserve the right to refuse doing the return. ~~~ We do Not accept returns on any items that are shipped Internationally (outside of the USA). Items that are shipped Interntaionally (outside of the US) are sold, "as is".  Please note:  We have shipped to, and received from, several items from many different countries, and we have never had any problems.

Thank you so much for visiting!
I hope this "frequently asked questions" page has helped answer any of the questions that you might have had.  However, if you still have questions... please feel free to email us through the "contact us" form on this website.


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